I am the product of a lifetime collecting philosophical gems and business advice gold – I collect advice if its solid and discard the rest, probably in line with my Pareto principle belief system.

And I have come to realise these last few weeks of putting together a CV for a new life outside of my beloved Sequence, that some quotes/ mantras/cliches/whatever you might call them…. have stopped me in my tracks and changed, from that moment on, the person that I am – professionally and personally.

People that know me will say that I am an evangelist, in that, if I really believe something I cannot NOT share that wisdom (lucky I don’t have a religious belief or I’d be impossible!) and it turns out that I’ve had that I’ve stopped others in their tracks too  (who knew!?!). So, in no particular order, as I remember the bits of direction I have been given, personal or business, I’m going to jot them down here – and maybe, if 20% of them impact my visitors in any way, I will have found a way to say thank you to the amazing friends, business advisors, journalists, organisations who have helped make me who I am.

I’ve credited where I can remember  – but can I caveat the whole blog by saying, that most good ideas have been around for millennia – very little is original, just presented differently and I’m not going to pretend differently.

Allie Symonds


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