Sites to make you think

This down to earth, quiet genius has just published a new book called The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking 

There’s so much in the world to make us feel we should be doing more to improve ourselves, excise bad habits, live a better life, and Oliver Burkeman just brings us down to earth to a place where we quietly analyse what’s right for us.

Any website which has the most talented and Nobel prize winning economist-philosopher Daniel Kahnemen as a contributor is guaranteed to make you view the world with more insight than before you visited.

All leadership, change and motivation is rooted in human psychology. This website brings it all together in easy to understand pieces.

Look behind the numbers and you will see they can tell any story. Of course, as an economist, I already know the dangers of statistics and Ben Goldacre will make you fear for the world, but you’ll view it differently and be glad of it too.
“Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world” That’s what it is. World class.  NPR do a great podcast too which bundles talks into a theme and interviews the speakers to get more depth into their talks. You are guaranteed to see the world differently with every listen.
It might just be me, but this man is a genius and he celebrates awesomeness at every turn – very generous in his praise. Visit his site if you are interested in economics, social economics, statistics, pure beauty and generally being surrounded by the best thinkers in the world

The wonderful authors of “Switch” – all about change and going with what works



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